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ART-YAGNA Second edition 2021

Participating artist list will announce soon.

Call for artist -2021

Art-Yagna is an independent artist-driven art project. YAGNA means, A challenge and a way of offering prayers to GOD.

Realizing any art idea or a project is a challenge, and currently, we are now living in a very challenging time than never before.

Every edition will take place virtually, in artist studios and possibly in the gallery spaces.
Artists are invited to participate by their own chosen theme, project, and dates between May and September for the 2021 edition.
Free to participate; no fee will be collected or paid.

The outcome result will exhibit at the end of October 2021 on www.kunstmatrix.com/en or similar and the project website.



Artist submission details 

Artist are inviting to submit
Profile Photo
Five artworks.
A brief bio.
Project info, What you want to do and why?
(Your project can be simple to develop a series of works or producing artworks you want )
How many days will you work for that?
Schedule Month, dates and days?
( You can choose five days to five months )
Suppose you like to work with your curator, name of the curator and text.
Suppose you have a sponsor for your project their details.
We will create a page for you, and all info will post on your page.

We will not handle any sales; it is purely an artist-driven project and a way of expressing solidarity.
The artist sets their own artistic goals and works for that. We facilitate the context and tools and share their links, and the outcome will exhibit in October 2021 as a collective virtual show with a digital catalogue.

However, if the artist is interested in joining the shop page for digital editions sale for support, welcome to participate, ask for the details.

We will promote the project on all social media, Google and FB sponsored ads, and connect potential art patrons and buyers to support artist projects. For participating artist, we will send an official participation letter for support. Artist can try their sponsors. If anyone is interested in buying the Artwork of the artist and support, we will forward the contact to the artist.
We recommend participating artists apply for grants and use Indigogo, Kickstarter and similar platform for project funding.


Funding for Projects 

In support of the participating artist project, we send the proposal to potential art patrons, individuals, institutions, companies and promote maximum.
We also recommend all participating artist apply for grants and try sponsors within their network. This project is self-funded and self-motivated.


Curators are also welcome to participate.

Curators are invited to participate by solo artist presentation or a group of artist. Or can participate as a curator to develop their curatorial project for two weeks to within five months. Curators are requested to submit a project synopsis, profile photo and a brief bio. During the project development, we will make an effort to promote the project and possibly get funding support to implement further in the future. 



Artist can plan and schedule any size of the project, personal or public. No limits or conditions. Can do a series of artworks for some time. Or any specific project etc.

 I am choosing five months to create an extensive series of artworks. My motivation is to express solitary about the current situation and create a framework and resources for a new fest.  (there will be two projects for this year, Arte-Synergy in Oct for five days, and Swayam-Biennale in Dec 2021 to Jan 2022. These two will be a part of Kriya-Biennale 2023 )
My goal will be to create a support system through the works I create for further art projects, proposed projects, and a future Biennale project.

Participating Artists 2021

Curator / Artist, Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan  University, UK

Alnoor Mitha

Curator / Artist, Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Artist / California USA

Abhijna Vemuru

Artist / California USA
Artista visiva, performer/Rome Italy

Barbara Lalle

Artista visiva, performer/Rome Italy
Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France

Jean Delsaux

Paris, France
Artist / Hyderabad, India

Manohar Chiluveru

Artist / Hyderabad, India
Artist - Bologna, Italy

Patrick Joël Tatcheda Yonkeu

Artist – Bologna, Italy
Artist India / Bahrain


Artist India / Bahrain
Artist / Rome

Marco Angelini

Artist / Rome
Artist / Palermo, Italy

Kali Jones

Artist / Palermo, Italy

Jennifer Sams