Why this title and project?

Art-Yagnam is an art project, the title of which is taken from the Indian ritual of worship of GOD primarily as a fire puja. Such kind of worship events principally take place with the specific focus of offering prayer to the idea of GOD, and it is a wish on behalf wellbeing of the Society and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. (Which means The World is one).

In this Art project the context making art is also a way of offering for aesthetic pleasure, reflecting society, expressing social concerns and a wish for the wellbeing of humankind and questioning the social practices with the strong objective to see a positive change in the world and life of humanity.

In another context, any creator implementing their ideas into the work of art itself is a “Yagnam”, a challenge.

For any artist, an expression of art is a strong yen and wishes to offer joy, question self and social issues, and express to the humanity of the world. Therefore in these challenging times, in the present context, this art event / series is called Art-Yagna

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