ART-YAGNAM is an art project, an artistic expression and a way of offering prayers to the GOD for human wellbeing started as a solo project in 2020.

Whenever there is a crisis for human existence, we scientifically pursue solutions and at the same time, also offer prays to the Divine in different ways.

The Art project Art-Yagnam is about offering an artistic expression and a way of prayer to energise our collective thoughts positively and help in creating solutions for the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

Art-Yagnam is also an on-going project (evolving as a start-Up ) to help other creative people to realise their ideas into artworks by facilitating funding opportunities through exhibitions and creating more visibility. The project will connect to potential art lovers and patrons.

Manohar was in Milan in February. 2020  as part of his travel art project “Odyssey” programs; one day before the lockdown he cancelled all his art travel programs and came back to his home town Hyderabad.  In the interim period, he has started thinking about the pandemic issue and working on a series of artworks to express solidarity and tribute to the people who lost lives in the impact COVID – 19 pandemic. In that process, the Art-Yagnam project was born.