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Edition 2021…

A new coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world.

This pandemic has taught us how important it is to be balanced, responsible and adopt a disciplined way of life.

The world is in search of a scientific solution to fix the Corona pandemic issue and at the same time, the whole world is offering prayers to GOD.

Art-making can also be a way of offering prayers to GOD!

Let us pray and also express a tribute to the people who lost lives in the impact of this pandemic.


Arte - Earth


Art is the artist’s broader response to the period of the lockdown. Having observed and contemplated on the situation over several months his responses were directed towards the idea of providing support and healing within his ever expanding network. In a state of fear or hope, humans turn to divine intervention on the one hand, and scientific solutions on the other, one often conflicting with the other. In a deliberate move to attach a pragmatic edge to the notion of a divine prayer, Chiluveru’s project sees him offering his time and art as an everyday prayer for the community and as tokens of solidarity. Originating from Vedic tradition, the concept of ‘yagna’ (or Yagnam) connects to the process of ritual devotion through the specific offering of something, usually with fire as witness. Chiluveru translates this in contemporary experiential terms, the motif of the Yagnam addressing and carrying forward the concept of creation and sharing…